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A by Bom - Ultra Night Leaf Mask


New ULTRA NIGHT LEAF MASK contains natural calendula essence and whitening ingredients to help��reduce��wrinkles��after intensive care. ��It also contains��mild ingredients, ginger, red ginseng, motherwort, honey and grapefruit, to moisturize and soothe the skin. ��

Night Leaf Patch�ʉ�� Rich in calendula, marigold, sunflower,��Daffodils, crabapple flowers and other natural plant extracts, these replenishment conditioning patches will re-balance��water and oil in your skin.�� It helps to promote the follow-up night mask��with nutrition and moisture absorption. ��It can effectively ease the dry, tight, reddish red, rough dull, oily and other skin conditions and �ʉ��emotions.�۝

Ultra Night Leaf Mask�ʉ�� ��Rich in 8 Mid-autumn winter body essential herbal nutrition moisturizing ingredients like, red ginseng, ginger, motherwort, propolis, grapefruit and so on.��With the promotion of blood circulation, soothing season skin, blood circulation, blood stasis, delay skin aging, anti-inflammatory acne, whitening spot, and other effects.��High moisturizing texture that is refreshing to absorb nutrients quickly. You can go to sleep right after using the mask without washing. ��This mask does not have any added preservatives, benzyl alcohol,��MIT and other harmful chemicals commonly used in chemical composition.��

Soothe skin with a��natural fiber sheet �����
100% natural material Rio cell sheet.
Avicenna�۪s Ultra Cool Leaf Mask uses 100% natural cellulosic cellulosic cellulosic sheet made from wood, and it is less irritating to the skin due to its hygroscopic properties like soft silk and moisture.

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