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Pyunkang Yul - Eye Cream 50ml (1ml x 50pcs)

€17,90 €23

This richly hydrating eye cream doesn't come in a bottle or jar. Instead, it's packed in 50 1ml-sachets to maintain potency and protect against oxidation, heat and contamination. The cream is formulated using Pyunkang Yul's signature milk vetch root extracts to repair and soothe skin; ginseng to restore resilience and elasticity; and shea butter to nourish and moisturize.


  • Convenient and hygienic. These eye cream pouches from Pyunkang Yul are perfect for your daily skincare routine.


  • It comes with 50 pieces, each of them is carefully and tightly saeled to prevent any contamination.


  • Combining luxurious, effective ingredients such as milk vetch root, ginseng extract and shea butter, it helps to combat ageing signs including dehydration, fine lines and dark circles.


  • How to use:
    Include this eye cream in your daily AM & PM skincare routine as the very last step.
    Dab and pat a tiny bead of cream onto the skin around your eyes.
    Use one pouch per day
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